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Doctor Rubber

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My Dog

Songs From Behind

Doctors' Games

To Di Loo

Doctor Rubber started as a garageband from the Stockholm suburb Vällingby during the Beatleshysteria in the sixties under the name of Molarna. After five years we took a 25-year-break and then took up playing again, using the name Doctor Rubber. Biggest gig above all was in "Blå Hallen" of Stockholm City Hall 1967. Since the restart 1996 we have, after first drowning in studio software, produced four CD-rs full of our own music. From a bicycle garage in Vällingby to a basement in Hässelby in 35 years!!

Molarna 1967
Anders Åberg, Ronnie Starck, Bo Larsson (top),
Sven-Åke Landberg (bottom) , Bo Carlsson and Lars Fredmark.
( Picture from Idolnytt no 14-1967. )

Doctor Rubber 2001
Anders Åberg, Lars Fredmark, Ronnie Starck, Bo Olsson and Bo Larsson.
See full size picture.

( Picture by Elin Åberg. )

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