Impress your girlfriend
 by playing
beautiful Doctor Rubber songs at the campfire

The Doctor Rubber incomplete scores:

(please note that H=B and B=Bb in Swedish old 1960-style chords, but not anymore)

A Part Of Him lyrics&chords.pdf
Advertising Love lyrics&chords.pdf
A Life In Misery lyrics&chords.pdf
All Relates To You basstab.pdf
All Relates To You lyrics&chords.pdf
Anybody Seen My Gloves lyrics&chords.pdf
Burning For Your Love basstab.pdf
Burning For Your Love lyrics.pdf
Cheer Up You Are Living basstab.pdf
Cheer Up You Are Living lyrics.pdf
Close To You 2 lyrics&chords.pdf
Close To You basstab.pdf
Close To You lyrics&chords.pdf
Doctor Rubber's Physical Exam basstab.pdf
Doctor Rubber's Physical Exams lyrics&chords.pdf
Don't Know basstab.pdf
Don't Know lyrics.pdf
Dottore Gomma lyrics.pdf
Dottore Gomma basstab.pdf
Glimmering Skies basstab.pdf
Glimmering Skies lyrics.pdf
Have Fun basstab.pdf
Have Fun lyrics.pdf
Have Fun lyrics&chords.pdf
Heaven Is Here lyrics&chords.pdf
Hes Got It lyrics&chords.pdf
Hes Got It sgt Rubber basstab.pdf
Hey You Fools lyrics&chords.pdf
Hey You Fools basstab.pdf
I Love Me basstab.pdf
I Love Me lyrics&chords.pdf
I'm Lost lyrics&chords.pdf
I'm Lost basstab.pdf
I'm On My Own chords.pdf
I'm On My Own lyrics.pdf
I'm On My Own basstab.pdf
I'm Strong, I'm Back basstab.pdf
In The Restroom basstab.pdf
In The Restroom lyrics&chords.pdf
It's No Joke basstab.pdf
It's No Joke lyrics&chords.pdf
Join The Play basstab.pdf
Join The Play lyrics&chords.pdf
Kingdom Of Pleasure basstab.pdf
Kingdom Of Pleasure lyrics.pdf
Lady Lover lyrics&chords.pdf
Leave Me basstab.pdf
Leave Me lyrics&chords.pdf
Like The Bees basstab.pdf
Like The Bees lyrics&chords.pdf
Love All Serve All basstab.pdf
Love All Serve All lyrics&chords.pdf
Lullaby basstab.pdf
Lullaby lyrics&chords.pdf
Milou 2 lyrics&chords.pdf
Milou lyrics&chords.pdf
Milou original.pdf
Muscles and Grease basstab.pdf
Muscles and Grease lyrics&chords.pdf
My Dog basstab.pdf
My Dog lyrics&chords.pdf
My Wishes basstab.pdf
My Wishes lyrics&chords.pdf
Never Mind lyrics&chords.pdf
Never Say Never lyrics&chords.pdf
No Need To Hide basstab.pdf
No Need To Hide lyrics&chords.pdf
Now Or Never basstab.pdf
Now Or Never lyrics&chords.pdf
Reflections 2 lyrics&chords.pdf
Reflections basstab.pdf
Reflections lyrics&chords.pdf
Right Now basstab.pdf
Right Now lyrics&chords.pdf
Sensitive Fingers basstab.pdf
Sensitive Fingers lyrics&chords.pdf
Spring Ride basstab.pdf
Spring Ride lyrics&chords.pdf
Take My Hand basstab.pdf
Take My Hand lyrics&chords.pdf
That Job Should Be Mine basstab.pdf
That Job Should Be Mine lyrics&chords.pdf
They Turn Me On Men In White lyrics&chords.pdf
This Time basstab.pdf
Watch Out Johnny basstab.pdf
Watch Out Johnny lyrics&chords.pdf
What a Shame basstab.pdf
What a Shame lyrics&chords.pdf
What's Wrong With Me basstab.pdf
What's Wrong With Me lyrics&chords.pdf
Why Did I Not See That Car basstab.pdf
Why Did I Not See That Car lyrics&chords.pdf
You basstab.pdf
You Bastard lyrics&chords.pdf
You Need Help basstab.pdf
You Need Help lyrics&chords.pdf

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